It’s Fall! That means gorgeous leaves, crisp air, pumpkin carving, and the beginning of TV Sweeps! The end of October kicks off that infamous period during which local television viewers are measured. During this time TV Networks try to gain viewers and increase audiences. Networks are known to pull stunts and show off big names. But what does that mean for your business?

Media planning and buying is a core competency for our agency. We work with clients to build an advertising campaign that achieves their business goals. Advertising schedules are tailored to reach the brand’s target audience in the right place and time. So should you go jumping the shark, or will a less outlandish strategy work for you?

Truth is, no one jumps the shark anymore, not literally anyway. The term originated from a stunt pulled by Fonzie on Happy Days where he jumped a shark on his motorcycle during an episode. These days the advertising landscape is a whole lot broader than three big television networks, so it’s much more important to position your brand consistently where your target will not only see and/or hear the message of it, but will engage with the message.

Here’s the goal of media planning and buying: you want your advertising message to get the most impressions at an efficient cost. That looks different for everyone. You have a target audience, and you’re aiming for the bullseye. So we take a look at the whole marketing picture in order to construct a successful approach for you. Advertising on television during Sweeps may not be the most effective place for your brand to be. where your brand should be.

Sweeps is not what it used to be. It started in the 1950s as a way to determine television ratings across the country. The landscape of ratings is now less focused on four Sweeps periods and, with the introduction of People Meters, has a more consistent approach. With the popularity of streaming entertainment like Netflix and Hulu, Nielsen is now including those in their measurement. There are also many other ways consumers are getting their news and entertainment: Print and Digital newspapers and magazines, websites, apps and radio.

This fall, when you’re watching a big name celebrity on your favorite show, or trying to keep up with all the new programming during sweeps, remember that your brand is unique. You have a story to tell, a message to communicate, and with the right approach, you can hit your target audience in the sweet spot. Contact us and we will help build the best media placement campaign for you.


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