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The Clubhouse App has taken the social media world by storm recently. In this article we will explain the latest social media platform, and what makes it special.

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is a new type of network that is audio-based, enabling its users to talk, tell stories, network and develop fresh ideas. Users of the Clubhouse App can follow topics, groups, and other Clubhouse App users. The app’s algorithm uses the topics and interests of users to show them “rooms” that they may be interested in joining.

In a room, you can listen to speakers talk about topics ranging from finance to sports to religion and politics. Think of it as if you were to go to a conference and listening to a presenter speak about a topic that you’re interested in. When you join the room, you can “raise your hand” to ask questions or contribute to the conversation, and you may even be granted speaker access if the host wants to have you contribute more to the conversation.

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Why has it become so popular?

The Clubhouse App has had a meteoric rise in popularity over the past month or so due to the app’s exclusive nature. Currently, the app is only available on IOS devices, and users have to be invited by friends already using the platform. By making the users wait to be invited to join, Clubhouse has created a sense of exclusivity among its users. Clubhouse will eventually open up to the masses, but while still in its infancy they are keeping the doors closed to the general public and requiring users to be invited. The app also plans on launching on Android soon, but haven’t released any information on when that may happen.

How you can be invited

Does the Clubhouse App sound interesting to you? Well, you can join the waitlist to be admitted to the app, and hopefully, receive an invite soon from one of your friends. When a user joins the app, their contacts can be used to invite others to the platform that have already joined the waitlist. Some people wait a day on the list, others wait weeks, and some still haven’t gotten an invite and are still patiently waiting.

To be invited to the platform, simply download the Clubhouse App on your iPhone and enter the information they ask for. Make sure you share your contacts with the app so that your contacts are notified that you want to join. While this isn’t required, by Clubhouse, it is highly recommended to build a larger community, and improve the user experience. If you are concerned with sharing information with Clubhouse, be sure to read over their privacy policy.

Build your personal brand

The Clubhouse app allows its users to build their personal brand by engaging with other users on the platform about topics they are knowledgeable about. By getting involved, you show that you are engaged, and also a thought leader or expert on the topics you are discussing within the app.

Users also get to set their bio, to tell the platform more about who they are. The bio is the single most important part of your profile. Make sure you write your bio using keywords that you would want to be found for . The first three lines of your bio are indexable and can be found in search terms on the app. You can read our Digital and Social Media Manager, Jared’s bio below, and see how he has taken the words that someone may search for and included them in the first three lines.

“Social Media and Digital Marketing Expert |
Podcaster | Social and Digital Manager @ Bouvier

By including his title and knowledge level, more people will be likely to click on his profile when searching for people with a Social Media or Digital Marketing background . He can also be found by other alumni from East Carolina, those people sure know how to network and have a good time.

Lastly, when it comes to personal branding, it is important that you connect your social media profiles to your profile on Clubhouse. Currently, you can connect your Twitter handle and Instagram with Clubhouse. By connecting these profiles, people you connect with will be able to follow you on multiple platforms. This is also helpful as direct messages are not an option on Clubhouse, meaning if you want to connect outside of the Clubhouse App, you will need to communicate on Instagram or Twitter direct messages. So we highly encourage you to connect the accounts and open your DMs.

In the 3 weeks that Jared has been on the platform, he has been thoroughly impressed by the types of content being created and shared with other users of the Clubhouse App. It may be too early to call this app a game-changer in the way people brand themselves and network for their business, but this app is surely a step in the right direction. We highly recommend you join and get involved by interacting in rooms. Build your personal brand and network for future opportunities!

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