While Pinterest is the fasting growing social media network to date, we still would love to get a nickel for every time we hear someone say… “What is Pinterest? Should I join?” The answer to the first question is explained in excellent detail at the below link. Should you join? Absolutely.
Here’s an excellent explanation of what Pinterest is, and how it could be used: https://www.blogworld.com/2012/01/03/seven-cool-ways-to-use-pinterest/
“What’s the appeal?”, you ask. At first, I think I was momentarily offended by the country club-esque “request an invite to join” sign-up process, until I realized that you could sign-in with Facebook Connect. Truly, using this new social tool any other way would lead to Pinterest Peril. While Facebook allows a sometimes stalker-like glimpse into the lives of family, friends and co-workers; Pinterest provides and easy-to-glance, digital diorama into what truly interests the people you are connected to based upon what is pertinent to them at the time. (I have officially unfollowed all “Wedding” boards. I know you are excited, truly I do; but I now wish I would have spent all that money 12 years ago on a gnarly vacation in the islands.) The Facebook Connect log-in allows you to share immediately with people you know and love. You can of course expand your Pinterest connections to people not within your Facebook friend list, without losing the privacy settings attributed to your Facebook page. For those of you who do not use Facebook, find a friend that’s already pinning, and ask them to send you an invite. But I digress. Back to Pinterest…what is the appeal?
Prior to setting up my own personal boards, I spent some quality time trolling through the Pins of my friends. From amazing crafts reusing everything I used to deem trash, (I now wash and save all jelly jars), to ridiculously amazing recipes and culinary treats, the best “quick tips” and DIYs have emerged as a hugely popular category on Pinterest. (Leading to my board “Stuff to Make…Free Time Lost”). From all of this trolling I set up my own boards and began the “repinning” process. WARNING: It’s so easy, it’s addictive. I then graduated to a search bar user, and now I find myself pinning stuff so that my husband can log on later and check it out. The appeal of Pinterest truly lies in the simplicity of the process. Still not sure what to do with Pinterest? Find your favorite friends and companies, select some of their boards, and follow them.
What’s even more fascinating is how early adapters are using Pinterest. A couple months ago, I read an excellent infographic on the differences between US users and UK users. In the US, more Pinterest Users are women; while in the UK, more Pinterest Users are men. I am excited to see how this social tool adapts and changes over the next months and even years, and even more so how it’s users will continue to use it in day to day life.
Already on Pinterest? Who do you follow? Got a board you recommend? Let me know!

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