It’s the most wonderful time of the year… for parents! The smell of new notebooks opening is in the air, feet are frantically shuffling through the aisles of the office supply store, bed times are getting earlier- the kids are going back to school. We jest, of course, but it is a very important time for young ones as they begin another year of learning new things.

Getting back to school isn’t just for children. Albert Einstein once said, “If you stop learning, you start dying.” We are still living in the information age, so as culture grows, it is imperative for a marketing and advertising agency to continue to learn. And at Bouvier Kelly, we love to soak in new ideas, technologies and concepts. But there’s nothing new under the sun, so the goal, as always, stays the same- communicate your client’s ideas in a clear and impactful way. One way we learn is through inspiration, which can sometimes be found in the most unlikely places.

You will often find our creative team looking through publications like Communication Arts or Workbook, digging up poignant ads from the past, or scouring the web for powerful imagery. Reviewing other creative works from around the world is a great source of inspiration, as understanding the marketing and advertising landscape is essential to remaining on the pulse. Sometimes we find local inspiration from our city, our community, and even our teammates. You’d be surprised how many ideas you can find by getting away from the computer and taking a stroll down your street. A downtown storefront, a new gadget or app someone’s using, or even the music drifting through someone’s car window. We will even take in a game at our office ping-pong table, which gives our minds a break so we can literally bounce ideas off each other.

Our clients are one of the largest sources of inspiration to us. We help them to bring out their best by encouraging them to think big and bold and let their ideas run wild for a little while. Together with our clients we can dive into social media, web design, video projects, digital marketing, whatever the project may be, and guide them to explore areas they might not have considered before. The results can be surprising, and bring about authentic, organic inspiration that you can’t get from anywhere else.

Learning isn’t just about planting your nose in a book. It’s about embracing new things, seeking out the bold and exciting, and digging your hands into and having fun in your industry. We like what we do- a lot. So we have a passion for continually learning and educating ourselves on what is next.

As the kids make their way back to school, you might notice some of them won’t be so happy about it. Why? Because sitting in a classroom is just not as fun as what you get to do in summer- running around outside, playing sports with friends, seeing all the latest blockbuster movies. We like to think the way we learn with and for our clients is more like summer vacation. It’s more fun running around and exploring. So let us learn with you and help you explore, create, run wild, and communicate your message in the freshest, clearest, and most impactful way.


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