The Ugly Duckling: From Concept to Polished  Brand

You may have heard the story of the ugly duckling when you were a kid. An egg is hatched and out pops a duckling that looks a little less attractive than its kin. As it develops, however, it ultimately grows into a beautiful swan.

That’s similar to how an advertising concept grows and matures. Everything starts with the collaboration with our client. Once we hone in on what needs to be communicated the creativity begins with something as simple and formless as the scratch of a Uniball pen (the preferred sketch tool of our creative director Phillip).

We help our clients bring vitality to their brand with concise, pointed imagery. Most of the time the idea starts very rough, having only simple concepts and themes to work with. But then the pen starts scribbling.

The refining process is so important. It’s not just about what we want to create but also about what the client wants to say. As the pen keeps etching, we continue exploring the client’s ideas with them, acting as the dream weavers for their vision. Each tweak adds detail and the message starts to come out.

Ultimately, that once “ugly” duckling has grown enough to spread its wings and we can release it into the wild. It’s a good feeling of accomplishment that we often get to share with our client, to see that idea soar that started as just a few doodles on a page.

What are your ideas? Do you have thoughts itching at the back of your brain? Let us help you sketch them out. You never know what they could one day become.


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