Have you ever hesitated before registering for a website or giving out your email address because you fear the barrage that is sure to follow? Have you ever created a separate email to use just for such occasions? Have you ever tried to ignore the constant stream of emails before finally giving up and clicking “unsubscribe”?

Having experienced all of the above, I used to believe email marketing was pointless. Marketers send an email (or twenty) and they’re ignored; what’s the benefit? Then one day I was persuaded to yield my email address to a local kitchen store and shortly began receiving their newsletters. Despite my cynicism, I soon found myself opening them every time, reading all the way through, making a note to attend an event, and even forwarding them to a friend.

How can you achieve this devoted readership magic all the time?

1) Audience. Not everyone is going to be your customer all of the time. I like cooking, and a kitchen store’s newsletter is going to appeal to me.

2) Quantity. A daily email from Groupon makes sense as new deals are added every day. For my favorite kitchen store, a monthly newsletter is far more appropriate. It’s important to analyze what works best for your brand and your audience.

3) Content. You have to reward your audience for opening your email, for giving that moment of their life to you.

In this interview, one of the creators of best-selling game Cards Against Humanity says email is annoying and should be sent as infrequently as possible. If it’s a rare treat to hear from you, people will open your emails with more enthusiasm. Average open rates are about 20%, depending on the market. Cards Against Humanity is rewarded for their less-is-more approach with a staggering open rate of 60-75% for each email sent.

If you decide email marketing may actually have a place in your brand’s life, remember that the right solution will depend on your industry and business model. Keep in mind quantity, quality, and audience and if you need any help, we’re always here.

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