If there’s one thing to love about summer, it’s baseball. Sitting in the stands with a hot dog in one hand and ice cold drink in the other, the smell of fresh grass, the sound of the organ music playing overhead, it’s all part of a tradition unlike any other in the world.

We call it our country’s favorite pastime. And while there are a lot of exciting sports new and old, baseball’s long standing place in our hearts is largely due to the nostalgia that is deeply imbedded within it. We attend games with our parents and grandparents and play the game as kids beside our cousins and siblings. It’s been a family game for generations.

Our agency was started over forty years ago, and just like the game of baseball, we looked a lot different back then. We remain on the current pulse of constantly evolving technology, advertising design, and brand strategy, but the same approach has followed us throughout our many years- big ideas, little egos, and creating a communal relationship with our clients to achieve extraordinary results.

We pride ourselves in focusing on the highest Return on Investment (ROI) we can achieve for our clients. We don’t want to just hit a home run, we want to load the bases and turn that homer into a grand slam. In order to get an ROI like that, we know that it takes a team effort, working with our client to achieve what works best for their brand.

Brand equity is important. The foundation you build upon is what allows you to continue growing as you expand into new mediums and offer new services. The New York Yankees fan base has been growing for over 100 years, and because of that equity they maintain their cultural position no matter what happens on the field. That comes with continued adaptation to the market while maintaining honest relationships and yes, having fun along the way.

It’s essential to grow and adapt to new trends, but it’s not all about the new and flashy. It’s possible to hold on to traditions and time-tested values while understanding your current climate. In baseball you still get three strikes and have to round the bases to score, but now you can watch a game on your iPad, create your own fantasy lineups, and you’ll likely hear some modern music mixed in with that organ playing.

So let us throw you a couple pitches on how we can take your brand to new places. We’ll even help you hit one out of the park.


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