Although N.C. lawmakers banned texting and driving several years ago, we all know that it remains a problem. Everyday we see someone texting while driving and I bet that most of us have been stupid enough to have done it ourselves. I’ve read statistics that state that texting causes over 100,000 car accidents a year with many leading to serious injury or death. What’s frustrating is that this problem is so avoidable and we all know how stupid it is.
AT&T’s “It Can Wait” campaign is tackling this problem head on and asking everyone to take a pledge to not text and drive. I have to admit that it is rare when a public service campaign moves me like this one has. Like most in the ad business, I read about the new campaign when it came out in August and as a parent of a teenager, thought it was a great message. But not until I actually watched a spot last week with my 18-year old daughter, did I see the true power the message had. As soon as the spot came on, it grabbed both of our attentions and we were silent for the full :30. Like we often do in my household, we discussed the new commercial and I realized that the message really reached her also. There was something powerful about the unfinished text that just hits you hard and will make you think twice before texting and driving again.
I congratulate AT&T for creating an impactful campaign that will emotionally move teenagers as well as their parents.
If you haven’t seen the spots, check them out here and here.

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