GREENSBORO, NC (MARCH 26, 2013) The Guilford Rotary Club, a local member club of global volunteer service organization, Rotary International, is nearing its goal of helping eradicate polio everywhere forever. With nearly 34,000 other member clubs in more than 200 countries, the Guilford Rotary Club has helped contribute to the $1.2 billion raised to fight the disease, which has aided in immunizing more than two billion children in 122 countries.
Recently, the Guilford Rotary Club, in partnership with 12 other rotary clubs, raised $40,000 in support of the cause at their 2012 Sandler Training Polio Fundraiser. All proceeds from the management-training event were donated to End Polio Now, Rotary International’s top philanthropic program, and will help immunize 300,000 children.
To some people, polio is considered an ancient disease. However, it is still the world’s greatest cause of disability, and plagues mostly children under five in small pockets of Afghanistan, Nigeria and Pakistan. The virus that is transmitted by contaminated water or food where clean water is extremely scarce, can destroy the cells that aid in muscle contraction, and can render a child paralyzed in a matter of hours.
By making polio its top priority, the Rotary organization has made astonishing developments that have led to the near eradication of the disease. If polio is eradicated, it will be only the second human disease to be completely wiped out.
For additional information about the Guilford Rotary Club or to learn more about their local efforts to help eradicate polio, please visit

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