Well kiddies, it’s that time. I have graduated and my summer is almost over. It’s been fun learning and growing as a marketing professional but I have to go. This will be my last blog post as the intern. As I am sad and anxious about the next chapter, my crazy sense of humor isn’t far away.
With that said I think I’ll do like they do in the high school year books-
Keta’s Last Intern Will and Testament
~To Lou I leave my nametag as proof that I was actually here.

~To Denny I leave directions on how to use the media outlet database so you can finish out the Allard campaign strong!

~To Mrs. Brenda I leave you this because we all know you need an escape from time-to-time.

~To Steve I leave an easy button, because I won’t be here to be it for him.

~To Pete I leave this video link Where My Kids At?!, to remind you that you’re free!

~ To Suzanne I leave my body spray and gum for after our ‘special meetings upstairs’.

~To Jennifer I leave you this Funny Stuff because me and Yummy liked it so I thought you, Morgyn and Clayton would too.

~ To Lesley and Rhyan I would leave you one free lunch at Pho… except I got hungry writing this so I used it already. Sorry.

~To Phillip I leave my playlist because I don’t know what that music is you listen to.

~And last but certainly not least to Sam… I leave my open invitation to lunch. As long as it’s not weird. And as long you’re paying.
I really want to thank everyone for being so nice to me and being so patient as I learned the business. I especially want to show my gratitude for the trust I was given in dealing directly with clients. That experience has given me so much confidence in my abilities and I’m sure will be useful in the upcoming search for my next opportunity.
And now to future interns: You better come prepared to work. These people are now forever in my “other family” list so if you’re not helping make their jobs easier… (you can fill in the blank). Seriously, the associates at Bouvier Kelly are some of the most willing to teach people I have ever met. Take advantage and I’m sure you will go far.
Remember my name because you’ll hear it again!

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