Are taglines dead? My grandma says no.

Last month, AdWeek asked if taglines were dying. With some brands foregoing tags altogether and others utilizing more of a signature signoff to wrap up body copy, where does that leave the traditional tagline?

I had an epiphany the other day when shopping with my grandma. She needed a new watch. So like the good granddaughter I am, I took her shopping. My gram was searching for a specific brand because, as she said, “It keeps on tickin’!” The new watch was needed because her last four (of the same brand) broke. That’s right. Her four other, let’s call them “Clockex,” watches stopped tickin’ after they took a lickin’. And yet, she remains fiercely brand loyal. Well, as fierce as a sweet 81-year-old lady can be.

The memorability and likeability of a strong tagline can trump a negative experience (or four). Tags create brand loyalty because they carve out a special little niche in your brain, hunker down, and live there for years. But taglines are just one part of your brand.

Going tag-less is not a sin. It will not break you. Take a look at Starbucks, Facebook, Google. None of them have an in-your-face tagline. What they do have, though, are very strong brands.

No matter what you decide is right for your business, your overall brand communication needs to be strong. In order for that to happen, it takes time, effort and, above all, consistency. If you invest in those three ingredients and execute the right way, a strong brand will grow and carve out that elusive little brain niche. Just ask my grandma.

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