BK Goes Beer Tasting

BK Goes Beer Tasting

For our August tasting, Sam enlisted the help of Greensboro’s newest brewery, Pig Pounder Brewery.

Despite the seemingly questionable nature of the name, Pig Pounder is actually a reference to a popular brew the founders had created early in their beer-making careers. Alex, the bar manager, set us up with a sampling of their full range of UK style ales. Everyone seemed to have a different favorite, but the “Mild Mud” was a definite standout. A flavorful session ale worth checking out for sure. The “Extra Special Pig” was their best seller, and it was easy to understand why.

We were treated to a full tour of the facility and learned some interesting tidbits about brewing. It was insightful to see how important water is to the process. Makes sense if you think about it; how can you make a decent brew if you start with water that’s already full of impurities? An interesting factoid: Pig Pounder conditions their water to match the mineral content of local UK water sources. Whoa.

If you get the chance, stop by their Grecade St. location and check it out. Tell ‘em Bouvier Kelly sent ‘cha!


Crafting a Perfect Brainstorm

Crafting a Perfect Brainstorm

Brainstorming in a group can be extremely effective. Different thoughts and perspectives coming together to create bulletproof ideas that lead to strong campaigns. But if mismanaged, it can be a waste of time. Here are a couple pointers on how to make the most out of your session.


Addressing External vs. Internal Thinkers

As we know, everyone has a slightly different work style. Some people like to chat out loud about their ideas and talk them through. Others prefer to go off on their own to think solo for bit. Preparation for a group brainstorm is extremely important for each participant. External thinkers can meet in a smaller group session, and the internal thinkers should make time to think by themselves. Bringing initial thoughts helps to kick the meeting off right and allows both types of thinkers to contribute.

Who’s in Charge Here?

It’s easy for brainstorms to get off topic or become ruled by one or two of the loudest voices of the bunch. However, that’s not innately bad. It can be good to go off on a tangent once in a while, and listening to everyone’s opinion is important. Designate a meeting leader to guide the conversation, rally the group when conversation dulls, and keep track of time. Choose someone who has a naturally strong command of the group dynamic; it doesn’t always have to be the Creative Director or Account Executive.

Take it Out of the Office – Within Reason

A fresh environment can lead to fresh ideas. Conversely, a distracting, new environment can lead to distracted ideas. Choose your offsite location with care. Think about the timing as well. Is there no way around scheduling a meeting at 8:00am on a Monday or 4:30pm on a Friday? Try escaping to a coffee shop or low-key pub that offers ample room and an atmosphere conducive to work.

What Did We Talk About?

Make a point to verbally designate a note taker before the start of the meeting. It seems simple, but if forgotten, can leave the best ideas on the floor or distract participants from generating ideas.

Keep an Open Mind

Brainstorms must be judgment-free zones. Let everyone voice their ideas and keep the flow going – for the good, the bad and the ugly. Naysayers, bite your tongues. The designated note taker should write down all ideas for evaluation at a later time. Wait an hour or even a full day before judging ideas. When whittling down ideas to move forward with, be sure to include the group in that process to allow anyone who wants to make a case for keeping an idea in the running. You never know when a small tweak turns a good idea and a great one.

Pick the right leader, place, time, be flexible with individual work styles, and you’re bound to have a productive brainstorm.


BBQ Taste Test

Our barbecue blind taste test selections included chopped pork, hushpuppies and barbecue slaw from Country Barbecue (Lexington style), barbecue chicken wings and hushpuppies from Smithfield’s Chicken ‘N Bar-B-Q (Eastern style), and just to throw people off, some Chili’s baby back ribs. And to get in the spirit, a little quiz to test everyone’s Southern-ness. Let’s see if you’ve got what it takes to proclaim yourself a BBQ aficionado:

(Select and highlight the space between the sideways carrots with your mouse to reveal the correct answer)

Question 1: Where is Texas Pete hot sauce made?
A) Round Rock, TX
B) Winston-Salem, NC
C) Chattanooga, TN
D) Dallas, TX
Answer: > B <
Question 2: Which Southern state is know for their mayonnaise-based “white” BBQ sauce?
A) Tennessee
B) North Carolina
C) Alabama
D) South Carolina
Answer: > C <
Question 3: What percentage of Americans own a grill?
A) 75%
B) 98%
C) 57%
D) 82%
Answer: > D <
Question 4: When is National Barbecue Month?
A) May
B) June
C) July
D) August
Answer: > A <
Question 5: Which region considers pork the official and only meat worthy of the word barbecue?
A) Midwest
B) Southwest
C) The Carolinas
D) The Dakotas
Answer: > C <

TEDxGreensboro 2014

TEDxGreensboro – The Future, Regardless….

Who’s TED? What’s X?

Well, TED isn’t a person – it stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design.

 And TED isn’t a place.

It’s X= an independently organized community event.

TEDxGreensboro - TEDxGreensboro 2014 2014-05-14 14-04-31

TED and x together, TEDx, are a concept.  It’s the “The Spirit of Ideas Worth Spreading”. TEDx events have popped up all over the globe since the first one in 1984 in California. They are all a bit different, with their own local flavor depending on the, mostly, volunteer organizers that put together the event.

This year’s TEDxGreensboro was held May 8 in downtown Greensboro at Triad Stage. The theater had just wrapped up production of the musical “Pump Boys and Dinettes” and the scenic “Main Street Diner Where Everybody in the Community Goes” sets were pretty terrific as the backdrop.

TEDxGreensboro 2014 was a combination of triumphant stories of starting businesses from scratch and recognizing the potential in the sometimes forgotten citizens in our society to creating free iPhone apps that diagnose hearing problems in infants. In between were personal, introspective stories of people overcoming great obstacles and pain to be who they are today, inspiring all of us to move forward.

TEDxGreensboro_SarahRay     Blanca Cobb  Jack Hoskins     Dr. Eric Kraus

Speaking of the future and moving forward – did you know Greensboro has its own version of Mark Zuckerberg attending Northwest High School? Read about Jack Hoskins, who make take over the world before he’s 25.

And, can’t forget to mention the “E” in TED – the entertainment! There were some rockin’ local singers, bands and dancers that brought the crowd to their feet!

Swamp Cats

Bummed you missed it? Follow TEDxGreensboro on all their various social media and get the info on the next one.

For now, be entertained by the recaps you can find online:

TEDxGreensboro website

TEDxGreensboro on Storify

BnG1wa6IEAAp_9i.jpg large


Cinco de Mayo

Bouvier Kelly celebrated Cinco de Mayo in style, enjoying a taste test of several types of chips and fine salsas, a festive atmosphere created by some Mariachi music, and a few margaritas for good measure.


Our sampling consisted of:

Chipotle salsa (hot and smoky)

Picante mild (lots of cilantro for a fresh taste)

Picante hot (for the traditionalist)

Pineapple habanero (somehow tastes like cake)

Mango (another sweet one)

Verde (very hot with a different texture and a fresh look)

Pico de gallo (for those who want to chew more)

Guacamole (gone in sixty seconds)

Queso (need we say more?)


As for chips, blue corn proved most popular over the more traditional yellow corn and flour. Perhaps the most significant conclusion was that original is sometimes the best. Margarita-flavored margaritas are where it’s at.

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