BBQ Taste Test

Our barbecue blind taste test selections included chopped pork, hushpuppies and barbecue slaw from Country Barbecue (Lexington style), barbecue chicken wings and hushpuppies from Smithfield’s Chicken ‘N Bar-B-Q (Eastern style), and just to throw people off, some Chili’s baby back ribs. And to get in the spirit, a little quiz to test everyone’s Southern-ness. Let’s see if you’ve got what it takes to proclaim yourself a BBQ aficionado:

(Select and highlight the space between the sideways carrots with your mouse to reveal the correct answer)

Question 1: Where is Texas Pete hot sauce made?
A) Round Rock, TX
B) Winston-Salem, NC
C) Chattanooga, TN
D) Dallas, TX
Answer: > B <
Question 2: Which Southern state is know for their mayonnaise-based “white” BBQ sauce?
A) Tennessee
B) North Carolina
C) Alabama
D) South Carolina
Answer: > C <
Question 3: What percentage of Americans own a grill?
A) 75%
B) 98%
C) 57%
D) 82%
Answer: > D <
Question 4: When is National Barbecue Month?
A) May
B) June
C) July
D) August
Answer: > A <
Question 5: Which region considers pork the official and only meat worthy of the word barbecue?
A) Midwest
B) Southwest
C) The Carolinas
D) The Dakotas
Answer: > C <
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