Thank you, Greensboro City Council, for inviting street performers to be part of our Downtown scene! Nothing creates energy and excitement like the surprise performance of a musician, vocalist, juggler, dancer, mime or other street corner entertainment. That is one of my favorite experiences in any city. It lets me come away with a feeling of connection with the place where I stopped to admire the talent – frequently with others who form an ad hoc crowd to enjoy and applaud and contribute coins of appreciation. It also makes our Bouvier Kelly workplace, on the second floor of the Kress Building at 212 S. Elm, even more fun because we can hear the street sounds in our office which add to the creative atmosphere that energizes our work. Kudos to DGI, Action Greensboro, the Arts Council and everyone who helped make permitting buskers, the official name for street performers, a reality. Tuesday night’s City Council action allows for buskers who have obtained a privelege license requiring $10 and a background check, to perform from 11am to 11pm on portions of Elm, Greene, Davie, Church, Washington and Commerce Place. Downtown is now going to be an even more significant experience.

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