You’ve seen it a hundred times. The acrobatic gymnast swings round and round the high bar, building up momentum for the eminent dismount. There’s an enormous amount of tension in every revolution as they build up speed to get just the right amount of velocity for the release. Finally, they let go, soar into the air, and half a heart beat of spins and twists later, they land.

All that work jumping and dancing on the bars is fascinating and definitely important, but the lasting impression of the routine rests entirely on the landing. Will they stick it? Will there be a bit of a misstep? Or will disaster strike and they land completely off the mark? There’s a whole lot of advertisers watching the games this year thinking the same exact thing. Except they’re not watching the athletes, they’re waiting to see if $1.2 billion (with a “b”) in ad dollars paid to NBC this year will bring home the gold.

We’re right in the thick of competition of the Summer Olympics in Rio. From swimming and gymnastics to niche sports like badminton and canoe slalom, hundreds of millions of people are tuning in to watch from all over the world. Lots and lots of people of course means lots and lots of big ad spending. In fact, for NBC it’s the largest media buy for any event in US history. And every advertiser is vying for the same prize: the most impressions at the most efficient cost.

Impressions are great, and if you spend enough you can get a lot of them. In order for them to lead to engagement, however, your message needs to be aimed at the right audience. Efficient buying isn’t just about finding the most people for the least amount of money. It’s about finding your target audience for the least amount of money. And that’s why media buying is so important.

Media buying, whether it is traditional or digital, is a core competency of our agency. The marketing picture is mighty big, and we sort through it for you in order to find where your audience is so that your dollars stick the landing. Some stages are much bigger than others, but if you find the right stage for your message, you’ll win every time. An ad campaign can be totally fascinating; with lots of impressive twists and flips, but it will only be remembered by the landing. Let’s help you stick it for your message. Contact us today and we’ll get started!

And also… GO TEAM USA!!



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