School is out for summer! The year is over and while it’s certainly thrilling to have the summer off, for high school graduates the looming start of college can be a bit daunting. Perhaps the most defining question leading up to the start of college is what to study. But we have some good news for students who want to eventually work in advertising.

There are certainly a lot of good advertising degrees worth pursuing out there. But what you may not realize is that a degree in advertising isn’t the only place to start. In fact, it may not even be the best place to start.

The advertising world has a variety job types within it, all requiring a wide berth of knowledge in order to be successful. There are graphic artists, copywriters, videographers, tech gurus, and business managers just to name a few. With so many paths to follow, you have a lot of educational concentrations to choose from.

Just look at the varied backgrounds of our team:

For starters, both members of our namesake do not have traditional Advertising degrees: Lou Bouvier was a History major, and Denny Kelly studied Sociology and Anthropology. Production Manager Rhyan has her Masters in Painting, and Art Director Evelyn studied Community Health Education. Media Director Lesley studied Business Management, while Account and Media Coordinator Samantha was a History Major. Our President and CEO Pete studied Communications, Executive Vice President Suzanne graduated with a double major in Accounting and Business, and our Creative Director Phillip has the only traditional degree on the team having studied Advertising and Design.

We have been successful because our team is a kaleidoscope of knowledge and experience. We come from all educational backgrounds that allow us to represent clients from all walks of life.

So if you want to work in advertising, there isn’t any one particular approach you must take to get there. Your path should be determined by who you are and what you want to study. Don’t be afraid to collect all the knowledge you can and follow the educational journey that suits you. We’ll be waiting on the other side.


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