Not only can smoking give you lung cancer – but now it may get you a date!

An innovative company named Blu, has recently tried to take advantage of the social networking wave. They developed an electronic cigarette that releases a nicotine laden vapor into your body instead of smoke, so you can easily do it anywhere, without being a public nuisance. But that is just the beginning.

Over the last few decades, smoking has become the loneliest sport in the U.S. So Blu found a way for smokers, no matter how scarce, to find one another. The newly developed “smart pack” that goes on the market this month, contains a sensor that alerts the smoker by glowing blue and vibrating when there’s another Blu smoker within 50 feet.

The reusable packs costs $80 for 5 cigarettes, which seems like a real deal when you consider the cost of most dating sites. The box acts as a charger for the cigarette and can be set to receive and send information about the nearby Blu smoker. The packs also conveniently vibrate when a smoker nears a retail store that sells Blu cigarettes.

Finally, the company plans to develop a system through which the packs will monitor how much people are smoking and where they are smoking and report back to them… or their doctor… or their health insurance company.

After all, what’s a little lung cancer, when it could lead to finding your soulmate.

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