Creative Services Case Study


The UNC Greensboro School of Education (SOE) is home to innovative educational research and training. By investing in both the academic and community-based applications of their work, the SOE is able to see the fruit of their labor from concept to classroom.

Each year, they seek to illustrate their successes and progress in a full-color magazine called Transform. It not only allows for local, state and national educational communities to see the transformative work that occurs at the SOE, but it also helps ensure the financial sustainability of their efforts.

Bouvier Kelly was hired to help produce the 2019 issue of Transform from start to finish, handling the creative development, layout design and content generation. Working side-by-side with the SOE team, this issue came to life through interviews, photoshoots and collaborative brainstorms.

All four feature stories were written by Bouvier Kelly team members and the stories provided by contributing writers were edited to ensure the entire magazine featured a unified voice that matched the SOE brand. From stories about Greensboro’s diverse immigrant community to scholarships set up in honor of impactful educators, the 2019 issue of Transform is a showcase for all the good the SOE brings to the world of education.

Explore the pages of this annual publication and discover how the work of our faculty, students, and alumni is having an impact not only at UNC Greensboro, but in our community, nation, and world.

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