Web Design Case Study

The Challenge:

In 2022, TFF Architects celebrated their 25th year in business. To commemorate this momentous milestone, their team felt it was time to evaluate their digital presence and identify areas they could improve for the future. They enlisted Bouvier Kelly to revamp their website, which hadn’t been updated in over 10 years.

The Strategy:

Given the visual nature of TFF Architects’ work, our team set out to create a new website that showcases their stunning architectural projects. After receiving imagery from their multitude of clients, we separated the site into different buckets based on the industries TFF Architects concentrate on and the services they offer. We also assisted in updating their case studies and “About Us” section with contemporary information, which laid the foundation for the new website to be relevant for years to come.

The Results

The final iteration of the website provides a comprehensive overview of TFF Architects’ work, staff, and organizational values. Our team didn’t stop there either. We wanted to effectively communicate to their current, past, and prospective clients that the new website had been launched, so we developed and distributed an email marketing campaign inviting their database to view the new site.
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