Video Production Case Study

The Challenge:

Those in the workwear industry know that GlenGuard manufactures some of the highest quality and most comfortable, compliant flame-resistant fabrics on the market, but very few people are aware of the research and scientific innovation that goes into every fiber of GlenGuard. After noticing an absence of informational content among their competitors, GlenGuard approached Bouvier Kelly with the idea of branching out into new content that would establish themselves as thought leaders in the industry. Our team jumped at the chance to tackle this unique project. 

The Strategy

When you work with a client as groundbreaking as GlenGuard, finding thought leadership content is not very difficult. The enormous amount of research and testing that goes into creating GlenGuard provided us with an abundance of content concepts, but we had to answer a number of different questions before creating and disseminating it:


Who is the
target audience
for this series?


What medium
will the content
be conveyed through?


How will
we brand
this content?

Establishing the target audience for this campaign was instrumental in deciding on some of the other details. Given the educational nature of this campaign, GlenGuard needed to address two groups simultaneously: consumers who want to learn more about their product, and other players in the technical fabrics industry who are genuinely interested in the research component.

Once the target audience was nailed down, our team had to decide what medium we would utilize to distribute this information. Video content has been dominating the digital landscape for years, with online videos making up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic, so it was only logical to create a video series for GlenGuard. Considering the visual nature of some of the content we were planning to promote, our team also felt video was the best medium to capture this information accurately.

The last step in the process was branding this series and communicating those creative elements throughout the entire campaign. Our team brainstormed a number of different names for the video series, most of which incorporated the acronym for flame-resistant, FR. After workshopping these potential names, we landed on “GlenGuard FRontlines,” which was intended to speak to their target consumers, who are on the frontlines of the workforce— oftentimes in dangerous conditions.  We tested multiple different ways to convey this graphically, as you can see in our graphic designer’s sketches. This led us to the finished product, also displayed here. 

The Results:

Our team took the creative assets we built and churned out 16 thought leadership videos over the course of a year, with topics ranging from defeating heat stress in the workplace to the dyeing processes for AR and FR fabrics. In addition to generating close to 280,000 total views on YouTube to date, resulting in an increase in GlenGuard brand awareness, the FRontlines video series effectively established GlenGuard as an industry pioneer in thought leadership content.

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