Mirror, mirror on the wall, why does body image affect us all?

It’s a good question, and one that can make public relations somewhat tricky in the fitness business. Statistics show that we all spend literal months of our lives looking at our reflections in the mirror, so it’s no wonder that so many gyms and fitness companies try to use that for gain. Planet Fitness, however, has a completely different approach.

Traditional fitness messaging has a history of focusing on a glorified image. You know, the Muscle Beach bodies looking shiny and perfectly sculpted in the sun. But Planet Fitness did an about face with their messaging, by committing to a Judgement-Free Zone® across the board. You don’t look like Hans and Franz? Good, says Planet Fitness. They don’t want those guys. They want real people with real bodies.

Planet Fitness understands that building a positive reputation and strong relationships with your customers is just as important as your relationships with the media.

Case in point: in January, the company introduced its new “The World Judges, We Don’t. At Planet Fitness, Be Free” campaign. It’s a multi-faceted initiative designed to exemplify their core values and put its commitment to providing a Judgement-Free Zone® at the forefront of its brand image.




To further prove to customers that they live what they promise, Planet Fitness partnered with the Boys and Girls Club of America for a new anti-bullying campaign, and creating what they call the Judgment-Free Generation™. This philanthropic initiative was designed to fight against the criticism and negative verbal abuse faced by today’s youth. It’s important work that helped extend the company’s culture of kindness, acceptance, and encouragement outside of the four walls of the gym.



When a brand can think outside of itself and use its brand promise to positively affect people, it elevates the brand’s reputation with customers and makes them your advocates.

Planet Fitness showed their anti-bullying video across the nation via their in-gym television screens. It proved that by being a member at Planet Fitness, you are automatically a part of a movement to create a positive and accepting atmosphere. That’s a message about as far from Muscle Beach imagery as our Bouvier Kelly office is from… well, Muscle Beach, CA. And it undoubtedly will “pump up” customers into spreading the word about Planet Fitness.

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