We live in the age of the “foodie.”

It’s an exciting time to be alive if you love to eat, but frankly it can make the lunch break quite intimidating. Walk a few blocks in either direction of our building in downtown Greensboro and you’ll pass half a dozen different cultures of cuisine.

Your grocery store shelves are no different, with new and exciting products vying for a spot in your basket every day. So what’s the most important ingredient getting foodies to choose one product over the other? Freshness!

That’s great news for our client Neese’s Country Sausage. They have a century-long history of getting fresh with their loyal customers: they’re celebrating 100 years of business in 2017. But in this crowded (super) market, they needed to showcase the versatility of one of their lesser-known gems: the freshest liver pudding that money can buy.

So, it was time to call out those magic words, “Lights! Camera! Action!”

The Challenge:

We had a simple question to answer: how many dishes can you make with Neese’s Liver Pudding? Turns out, a lot! We wanted fans old and new to know that this is no mere hors d’oeuvre. The liver pudding had to put on a fashion show and ignite the creativity of foodies and chefs of all kinds.

The Solution:

At this point we could just write our own liver pudding cookbook. We made a long list of dishes and whittled them down to showcase the widest range of versatility possible. This liver pudding spot would take you through your day: breakfast, lunch, dinner—even that dangerously delectable midnight snack.

We partnered with Deja View Media to create some seriously gorgeous video and photography for our spot, and put the spotlight squarely on Neese’s Liver Pudding. With help from an excellent crew of food and set designers, we created a blockbuster for the always fresh, never frozen Neese’s Liver Pudding!

The Results:

The proof, as they say, is in the liver pudding. Watch the spot and see for yourself!

Need some fresh ideas for your brand? We’re serving them up daily!

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