I have officially been working downtown for nine months now. Coincidentally – I have not seen the inside of a gym in nine months.

Developing new workday routines can be easy. My new routine does not, however, include any type of physical exercise… but rather lots of chips, salsa, and chile rellenos. Less gym and more burritos makes the impending arrival of summer a little more daunting.

I have taken up lunch time walking. I am that lady in the business casual pants and blouse with non-coordinating sneakers and ankle socks. Yes, the woman that I made fun of when I was 16. I walk with a fellow Bouvier Kelly employee. We estimate our speed is 3-4 mph, a nice brisk walk, for about 45-50 minutes – great exercise. It has also been a great opportunity to observe commerce in Downtown Greensboro; see what’s coming and going.

Great old buildings, classic architecture, decades old businesses on each sides of main and side streets, and several fantastic museums. Then there are some buildings that are empty, vacant – where former business signs still hang in the windows. It makes me nostalgic for days when downtown businesses were bustling and mainstream (in more places than just Top 10 markets). Turn the corner and find two vacant spaces where new businesses are moving in, remodeling buildings, and rebuilding downtown. Commerce remerging!

If you haven’t been downtown lately, strap on your walking shoes, and take a couple laps. Check out what’s coming and going and take a few minutes to see the world around us. Hopefully it can make you smile – while burning some calories too. While you’re out walking, I’m gonna take some time to stop and smell the tacos.

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