As this my final year of undergrad is winding down, like most my classmates I find myself struggling to deal with the uncertainty of “What’s Next?”
My time thus far at Bouvier Kelly has been extremely educational and if I haven’t learned anything, I have learned that I can market myself. I apply our company motto to myself when thinking about how to approach future employers or potential post-graduate institutions. What makes me different? Answering this question has been useful to begin my personal statement essays and just honing my interview skills. (If you aren’t talking to yourself in the mirror to learn how to answer the tough interview questions without looking frazzled- you’re doing yourself a disservice.)
I don’t think people put enough emphasis on being a real go-getter and taking initiative. Be accountable for yourself and do more than ‘HOPE’ for good things to happen. Here at Bouvier Kelly we work as a proactive team. I like that. I think I am going to add another slogan to my list of many: “Hope for the best but plan for the worse.”

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