There’s a moment in the life of every smartphone user when despite all precautions you might take, the phone inevitably slips out of your hand and hurtles to the floor. Those brief moments always happen in slow motion while your heart seems to stop and your mind races as it imagines the worst case scenario. Regardless of the outcome (and here’s hoping for the best!), this event tells you something about yourself: your phone is your lifeline.

With mobile technology getting more and more savvy, our phones become more and more influential in our lives. There’s so much to do on our phones we tend to take a lot less time to stop and take much information in. We just keep swiping and tapping onto the next thing as fast as we can. These abbreviated periods of time that a person interacts with a device have now been dubbed “micro-moments.” Whether you’re consuming or delivering information, it will inevitably happen rather quickly.

The good news for brands is that the same mobile technology also helps you keep up with lightning fast users. The key is to make your micro-moments influential, giving consumers the opportunity to act on your information immediately. You can take mobile users anywhere you want to with a simple tap of a button. So how do we get them to respond?

Be There 
You can’t make new friends if you don’t show up to the party. This is about knowing where your audience is and getting in the mix of their everyday information intake. If you’re there when your potential customers need you, loyalty has the potential to grow.

Be Useful
Bold, viral marketing is all the rage these days, but in micro-moments it’s more effective to provide something your customer can hang onto. Your customers have questions, you have answers. It can sometimes be the most effective to shoot straight from the get go.

Be Quick
Meeting speed with speed is probably a given, but how does one do that exactly? It varies, but it all goes back to your message. Tell them what you want them to hear in a precise, memorable way and if it is easily accessible, you’ll be more likely to win the race.

Engaging your potential customers in micro-moments is not always easy. We have a lot of experience with getting to the heart of a message and communicating it clearly. Contact us and we’ll be happy to help you communicate yours!

And thank you for lending us your micro-moment to read this blog!



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