Bouvier Kelly celebrated Cinco de Mayo in style, enjoying a taste test of several types of chips and fine salsas, a festive atmosphere created by some Mariachi music, and a few margaritas for good measure.


Our sampling consisted of:

Chipotle salsa (hot and smoky)

Picante mild (lots of cilantro for a fresh taste)

Picante hot (for the traditionalist)

Pineapple habanero (somehow tastes like cake)

Mango (another sweet one)

Verde (very hot with a different texture and a fresh look)

Pico de gallo (for those who want to chew more)

Guacamole (gone in sixty seconds)

Queso (need we say more?)


As for chips, blue corn proved most popular over the more traditional yellow corn and flour. Perhaps the most significant conclusion was that original is sometimes the best. Margarita-flavored margaritas are where it’s at.

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