BBQ Taste Test

Our barbecue blind taste test selections included chopped pork, hushpuppies and barbecue slaw from Country Barbecue (Lexington style), barbecue chicken wings and hushpuppies from Smithfield’s Chicken ‘N Bar-B-Q (Eastern style), and just to throw people off, some Chili’s baby back ribs. And to get in the spirit, a little quiz to test everyone’s Southern-ness. Let’s see if you’ve got what it takes to proclaim yourself a BBQ aficionado:

(Select and highlight the space between the sideways carrots with your mouse to reveal the correct answer)

Question 1: Where is Texas Pete hot sauce made?
A) Round Rock, TX
B) Winston-Salem, NC
C) Chattanooga, TN
D) Dallas, TX
Answer: > B <
Question 2: Which Southern state is know for their mayonnaise-based “white” BBQ sauce?
A) Tennessee
B) North Carolina
C) Alabama
D) South Carolina
Answer: > C <
Question 3: What percentage of Americans own a grill?
A) 75%
B) 98%
C) 57%
D) 82%
Answer: > D <
Question 4: When is National Barbecue Month?
A) May
B) June
C) July
D) August
Answer: > A <
Question 5: Which region considers pork the official and only meat worthy of the word barbecue?
A) Midwest
B) Southwest
C) The Carolinas
D) The Dakotas
Answer: > C <

TEDxGreensboro 2014

TEDxGreensboro – The Future, Regardless….

Who’s TED? What’s X?

Well, TED isn’t a person – it stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design.

 And TED isn’t a place.

It’s X= an independently organized community event.

TEDxGreensboro - TEDxGreensboro 2014 2014-05-14 14-04-31

TED and x together, TEDx, are a concept.  It’s the “The Spirit of Ideas Worth Spreading”. TEDx events have popped up all over the globe since the first one in 1984 in California. They are all a bit different, with their own local flavor depending on the, mostly, volunteer organizers that put together the event.

This year’s TEDxGreensboro was held May 8 in downtown Greensboro at Triad Stage. The theater had just wrapped up production of the musical “Pump Boys and Dinettes” and the scenic “Main Street Diner Where Everybody in the Community Goes” sets were pretty terrific as the backdrop.

TEDxGreensboro 2014 was a combination of triumphant stories of starting businesses from scratch and recognizing the potential in the sometimes forgotten citizens in our society to creating free iPhone apps that diagnose hearing problems in infants. In between were personal, introspective stories of people overcoming great obstacles and pain to be who they are today, inspiring all of us to move forward.

TEDxGreensboro_SarahRay     Blanca Cobb  Jack Hoskins     Dr. Eric Kraus

Speaking of the future and moving forward – did you know Greensboro has its own version of Mark Zuckerberg attending Northwest High School? Read about Jack Hoskins, who make take over the world before he’s 25.

And, can’t forget to mention the “E” in TED – the entertainment! There were some rockin’ local singers, bands and dancers that brought the crowd to their feet!

Swamp Cats

Bummed you missed it? Follow TEDxGreensboro on all their various social media and get the info on the next one.

For now, be entertained by the recaps you can find online:

TEDxGreensboro website

TEDxGreensboro on Storify

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Cinco de Mayo

Bouvier Kelly celebrated Cinco de Mayo in style, enjoying a taste test of several types of chips and fine salsas, a festive atmosphere created by some Mariachi music, and a few margaritas for good measure.


Our sampling consisted of:

Chipotle salsa (hot and smoky)

Picante mild (lots of cilantro for a fresh taste)

Picante hot (for the traditionalist)

Pineapple habanero (somehow tastes like cake)

Mango (another sweet one)

Verde (very hot with a different texture and a fresh look)

Pico de gallo (for those who want to chew more)

Guacamole (gone in sixty seconds)

Queso (need we say more?)


As for chips, blue corn proved most popular over the more traditional yellow corn and flour. Perhaps the most significant conclusion was that original is sometimes the best. Margarita-flavored margaritas are where it’s at.

Tea Time at BKI

Adding our Bouvier Kelly twist to the tradition of Afternoon Tea, we decided to try our hand at creating our own tea blends. Using a variety of the ingredients that you will typically see, we each made the blend that suited us best. We can report that green and black tea were equally popular bases, peppermint was the favorite herbal ingredient, and cocoa nibs seem to have been the most intriguing. Flower ingredients such as chamomile and chrysanthemums were prettiest to look at before brewing, but hibiscus showed nicest after (pink beverages being more visually appealing than yellow in general).

Overall, it must be said that the best flavor is in the palette of the drinker, but in the end we all agreed that putting every ingredient in one bag is inadvisable.

Those Elusive Open Rates

Have you ever hesitated before registering for a website or giving out your email address because you fear the barrage that is sure to follow? Have you ever created a separate email to use just for such occasions? Have you ever tried to ignore the constant stream of emails before finally giving up and clicking “unsubscribe”?

Having experienced all of the above, I used to believe email marketing was pointless. Marketers send an email (or twenty) and they’re ignored; what’s the benefit? Then one day I was persuaded to yield my email address to a local kitchen store and shortly began receiving their newsletters. Despite my cynicism, I soon found myself opening them every time, reading all the way through, making a note to attend an event, and even forwarding them to a friend.

How can you achieve this devoted readership magic all the time?

1) Audience. Not everyone is going to be your customer all of the time. I like cooking, and a kitchen store’s newsletter is going to appeal to me.

2) Quantity. A daily email from Groupon makes sense as new deals are added every day. For my favorite kitchen store, a monthly newsletter is far more appropriate. It’s important to analyze what works best for your brand and your audience.

3) Content. You have to reward your audience for opening your email, for giving that moment of their life to you.

In this interview, one of the creators of best-selling game Cards Against Humanity says email is annoying and should be sent as infrequently as possible. If it’s a rare treat to hear from you, people will open your emails with more enthusiasm. Average open rates are about 20%, depending on the market. Cards Against Humanity is rewarded for their less-is-more approach with a staggering open rate of 60-75% for each email sent.

If you decide email marketing may actually have a place in your brand’s life, remember that the right solution will depend on your industry and business model. Keep in mind quantity, quality, and audience and if you need any help, we’re always here.

BKI Celebrates Pi(e) Day and Sanctuary House

For those of you who may not know, Pi(e) Day is the celebration of the mathematical digit pi, 3.14, and the delicious dessert, pie, which is observed on March 14th. Bouvier Kelly celebrated in style by ordering some pies from A Sweet Success Bakery here in Greensboro. Not only were all of the pies delicious, it also supported a wonderful local organization.

A Sweet Success Bakery is a part of Sanctuary House, a non-profit that provides psychosocial rehabilitation services to over 200 people in Greensboro who live with mental illness. Sanctuary House opened in 2002 and is one of 12 clubhouses in North Carolina that are a part of the Fountain House Clubhouse system. The bakery gives House members opportunities to develop pre-vocational skills that are transferable to other employers and create employment opportunities. All proceeds from the bakery are donated back to the house.

Check out for more information. We highly recommend A Sweet Success for any future parties. They make cakes, cookies, muffins, cheesecake, brownies and more.

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