5 Reasons You Need a Full Service Marketing Agency

5 Reasons You Need a Full Service Marketing Agency

When the first pangs of hunger hit you, a vending machine is often the best option you have. It’s quick, it’s cheap, and it hits the spot.

But for how long?

All too often we hear of companies approaching their marketing strategy like they would some late-afternoon hunger—drop in a few quarters and stave off hunger until the next meal comes around.

Instead of mindlessly snacking from the vending machines of the marketing world, check out 5 reasons why a full service marketing agency can help you keep hunger at bay permanently.


1: Public Relations is Not Easy

You might think that your PR can be handled with a few phone calls and an email or two, but the truth is that it’s much more complicated than that. PR is the art of building relationships within your community and its media outlets.

Are you on a first-name basis with your local news anchor? Do you have the cell phone number of your local paper’s Editor in Chief? If not, you might find yourself struggling to get your latest press release noticed. And most importantly, PR does not exist in a vacuum. It often works hand-in-hand with social media efforts to deliver and reinforce messaging. Shouldn’t those two pieces of your puzzle be working in concert? Which leads to…


2: Social Media is Here to Stay

In the early-to-mid 2000’s, it was tempting to write off social media as a passing fad. Once the phenomenon even seemed to take hold in popular culture, it was still difficult for businesses to envision using it to boost sales and leads.

Those days are gone.

Social media is no longer something you can just have your summer intern handle when they’re not on a coffee run. From building brand awareness to generating new leads and influencing sales, social media has become a robust way to reach your audience with targeted and focused approaches. Platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter have also proven effective for B2B companies in highly niche industries. Even if you’re not on social media, your customers are.


3: “Digital Marketing” is Gone

From SEO (search engine optimization) that makes sure you appear at the top of Google search results to pay-per-click digital ad campaigns that target your audience exactly when and where you want to reach them, digital marketing must be integrated into your marketing plan.

In fact, many of the top industry leaders are arguing that “digital marketing” is even a dated term. Digital tactics must be used in concert with traditional advertising and cannot be thought of as a separate strategy. A full service marketing agency has the power to marry the traditional with the new in ways that your freelance developer and media buyers cannot.


4: You Need a Video Strategy

Back in 2015, The Guardian reported industry analysts were predicting that 69% of all consumer internet traffic would be video-based by 2017. We have no doubts that they were right. Consumers are devouring video in record quantities. If your marketing strategy doesn’t include showcasing your brand through a well-made video, you’re going to find your message getting lost in the rising tide of video.


5: Radio and TV Are Not Dead

We have yet to see a modern day update to The Buggles’s classic “Video Killed the Radio Star,” but if it ever appeared, it might be called “Digital Killed the TV Star.” Well, The Buggles weren’t exactly on-the-money with their prediction, and neither would the newcomers be. TV and radio are still very much viable marketing platforms, and getting your media placed into those ecosystems is not something to be approached haphazardly. It requires a strong knowledge of TV and radio market demographics, listening and viewing patterns, and relationships with the media companies who control what gets seen and heard.


So what’s the moral of the story? Today’s marketing world is a complex system of interlocking tactics. You can no longer afford to address them piecemeal with a half dozen different team players. A full service marketing agency like Bouvier Kelly can handle everything you need under one roof.

Jack of all trades, master of every single one.

Interested in learning more? Drop us an email.


How to Avoid the Unread Email Abyss

How to Avoid the Unread Email Abyss

We all know that person. You know, the one with the bright red notification of shame on their email app: 1,463 Unread Emails. In fact, rare is the inbox that doesn’t amass a long list of unread emails each day. (Honestly, though, can’t we keep it under 100 folks?)

We understand, though. On a daily basis, we all get dozens of emails. Yet despite how you may feel about the e-tornadoes crashing your inbox every day, email is still the go-to, tried-and-true, best-all-around channel for digital marketing. The question is: Are your emails getting through to your recipients? It’s not hard to skirt the junk folder, but how can you know that your e-communication is reaching its audience?

Campaign metrics go a long way towards understanding what happens to your email once you send it out into the vast expanse of the internet. Analyzing metrics provides a definitive way to understand how your audience is responding to your message. But not all metrics are created equal. Here’s how we break down the effectiveness of email campaigns.

Industry Analysis

We start by comparing analytics within your industry. Some industries have notoriously poor email performance rates compared with others; retail and media publishing see the lowest open rates of any industry. But you can’t compare apples to oranges, and you can’t compare mice to elephants. We make sure your campaign is keeping up with businesses of similar makeup and size.

Opens & Clicks

We also take note of two important metrics: The Unique Open Rate and the Click-Through Rate. Unique Open Rate is the number of unique recipients who opened your email divided by the total number of emails delivered. Average companies have a 10-15% unique open rate, and top performers can be around 16-20%. The Click-Through Rate is the total number of clicks divided by the total number of emails delivered. Average companies generally have a 2-5% Click-Through Rate, and top performers average 5-10%.

Once we know the percentage of your emails that is escaping the unread abyss and compare them within your industry, we can improve performance with a number of strategies. Simple solutions like sending more targeted communications, changing your “From” name to be more recognizable, and rethinking subject lines can make all the difference in how much ROI you get from your efforts.

So send us an email and we’ll chat about how much better your digital marketing can get. Then start clearing out that inbox! 


You’re Probably Reading This on Your Phone: Engaging the Micro Moments

You’re Probably Reading This on Your Phone: Engaging the Micro Moments

There’s a moment in the life of every smartphone user when despite all precautions you might take, the phone inevitably slips out of your hand and hurtles to the floor. Those brief moments always happen in slow motion while your heart seems to stop and your mind races as it imagines the worst case scenario. Regardless of the outcome (and here’s hoping for the best!), this event tells you something about yourself: your phone is your lifeline.

With mobile technology getting more and more savvy, our phones become more and more influential in our lives. There’s so much to do on our phones we tend to take a lot less time to stop and take much information in. We just keep swiping and tapping onto the next thing as fast as we can. These abbreviated periods of time that a person interacts with a device have now been dubbed “micro-moments.” Whether you’re consuming or delivering information, it will inevitably happen rather quickly.

The good news for brands is that the same mobile technology also helps you keep up with lightning fast users. The key is to make your micro-moments influential, giving consumers the opportunity to act on your information immediately. You can take mobile users anywhere you want to with a simple tap of a button. So how do we get them to respond?

Be There 
You can’t make new friends if you don’t show up to the party. This is about knowing where your audience is and getting in the mix of their everyday information intake. If you’re there when your potential customers need you, loyalty has the potential to grow.

Be Useful
Bold, viral marketing is all the rage these days, but in micro-moments it’s more effective to provide something your customer can hang onto. Your customers have questions, you have answers. It can sometimes be the most effective to shoot straight from the get go.

Be Quick
Meeting speed with speed is probably a given, but how does one do that exactly? It varies, but it all goes back to your message. Tell them what you want them to hear in a precise, memorable way and if it is easily accessible, you’ll be more likely to win the race.

Engaging your potential customers in micro-moments is not always easy. We have a lot of experience with getting to the heart of a message and communicating it clearly. Contact us and we’ll be happy to help you communicate yours!

And thank you for lending us your micro-moment to read this blog!



Talking Stock

Talking Stock

Some friendly advice: if you’re ever working with an agency and a member of the team uses the word “stocky” to describe something, don’t take it as an insult to you! Stocky means something very specific inside the doors of an agency, and it usually refers to the look or feel of a photo or video. This is generally speaking, of course.

Nonetheless, the stock photography world has grown into big business, and chances are, you’ve already seen a stock photo today on an ad or website and not even realized it. There are dozens of high quality stock photo sites like Thinkstock.com or Shutterstock.com that offer imagery covering just about any subject imaginable (even some oddball ideas like the picture above). You can purchase the licensing to use these images however you like. This is a great tool for us creative types, but it also has a few challenges to consider.

First, it’s important to consider that every other marketing agency in the world draws from the same ocean of stock imagery. To combat this, you must look at how the photo serves your message. After all, your message is key. Sometimes there is a beautiful shining jewel of a stock photo that perfectly aligns with what you want to communicate. But sometimes there isn’t.

Next, you want to avoid having anything look or feel “stocky.” There’s that word again. Stock photos can sometimes look staged or come across as inauthentic. To combat this, you may want to consider creating your own assets, budget permitting. This brings the added benefit of being able to utilize your photo assets on a long term basis. Another option is to consider more dynamic, less traditional imagery. You can find plenty of sites with artistic stock imagery available.

We haven’t even covered stock video yet, which is also on the rise! There’s a wide world of great assets out there, but it all goes back to your message – who you are and what you want to tell people. As a full-service, scalable agency, we know the importance of considering the message before creating an advertisement, marketing strategy or press release. Maybe there’s some unique stock media that will help your brand. Maybe it’s time for some “lights, camera, action” to help communicate your message. Either way, let’s work together and make something dynamic happen for you!



Building Your Best Reality Roster

Building Your Best Reality Roster

Football is back! So many fans are jumping out of their seats with excitement as the first games kickoff the season this month. But it isn’t just about the game on the field anymore. These days, each fan can have a stake in the game. That’s right, it’s also Fantasy Football season.

The most popular version of the online fantasy sports games, Fantasy Football has become big business. It is now a multi-billion dollar industry. More than simply being a competition, it allows sports fans to build their own teams, controlling the action and the outcome directly. They do research, watch the scores, and compare the weekly matchups – all in the hopes of getting their team the win.

It’s not unlike our process of developing a project, brand, or campaign. The Bouvier Kelly team works collectively to create the best outcome for our clients. The stars of the development process, however, are our clients themselves. We strongly believe that the best way to communicate a client’s voice is to communicate with the client, allow them to be a part of crafting their message.

We’re a bunch of dreamers, thinkers, and doers. But we know that we’re not the only ones. Why leave your clients on the sideline when they can have some great ideas just waiting to get your team the win? The goal of the agency and the client is the same – an effective, concise result. We want to utilize all the strengths we can to achieve that goal. That means allowing everyone to be in the game.

A further consideration when creating your team, whether in fantasy or reality is all of the resources available to you. In fantasy sports, they’re called free agents. But free agents in reality can be anyone or anything. It’s important to maintain every contact or resource you come into contact with. Reaching out to new businesses, building contacts through online sites like LinkedIn, or refreshing a relationship with a former business acquaintance, no stone is too small to overturn for your clients.

Everyone we work with can potentially become an extension of our network of resources for our projects – current and future. We want big, bold ideas, data and gut to guide what we do. So we want to research and utilize any idea that will lead us to the best final product for our clients. We’ve been doing this for 41 years now, so we’re happy to report that we have a lot of experience digging up the best ideas in ourselves, in our clients and from unexpected places.

In football, the results on the field are important, but it’s what happens off the field that helps you achieve them. This season is just getting started, and in these first weeks the rosters are still being figured out with each new game. Maybe you have a project you want to get started and need help figuring out how to get your best ideas out there. Draft us to be on your team and we’ll help you build the best roster of people, ideas and resources to make your goals become a reality.


How to get the most out of your agency in 2015

How to get the most out of your agency in 2015

Why your agency partnership should be like PB&J

When you’ve spent over 40 years in the ad biz, you learn what it takes to make a great relationship between client and agency. Think about it like a delicious PB&J sammich: Jelly by itself is too sweet. Peanut butter alone is too sticky. But when they work together, they make magic. Here are five easy ways to make your agency partnership more PB&J-esque in 2015.


Share the numbers

When it comes to gauging how successful 2014 strategies were and creating a marketing plan for 2015, data is important to agencies. Don’t keep your agency in the dark. Sales figures, research findings, projected growth and other statistical tid bits are vital to helping your agency better understand your business. Quality information will help your agency generate ideas to boost numbers. Insightful data can also help identify potential marketing opportunities.

 Let them in

Your business has internal goals in addition to marketing objectives. Let your ad team in on your company’s in-house mission, values and overall plans for this year, next year and five years down the road. The more you’re aligned with your agency, the better the partnership will be.

 What you put in is what you get out

Before giving a project to your marketing team, take a few minutes to really hammer out the purpose and objective of the assignment. Too little direction and the creative outcome may lack focus. Too many restrictions and the outcome may be stifled. Some questions to get you started include: What is the single most important point of this piece? What does our audience currently think about your product or service? What do we want them to think? What are the key messages and must-haves?

Take a (calculated) risk

The reason you hired a marketing agency is so you can have a team of experts who can think strategically, creatively and differently. Your agency is obligated to bring you fresh ideas you’ve never thought of before – and when they do, it may catch you off-guard. That doesn’t mean it’s not a great idea that will be extremely effective. Take the time to let new ideas simmer, and think it over before making a decision. A good agency will never present an idea they don’t wholeheartedly believe in, and a good partnership should allow you to trust in your team. Besides, if you wanted your marketing materials to look just like every other competitor, why do you need an agency? Make use of the talent you’re paying for.

Ask questions

Account Executives and Creative Directors will blab on and on if you let them. It’s easy to smile and nod when they spout media buying terminology, budget numbers and creative lingo so enthusiastically. If they’ve lost you along the way, stop and ask. The best relationships are formed when both client and agency are on the same page.

Want to know more about how we like to do business with our clients? Shoot us an email and we’ll talk about how Bouvier Kelly may align with your business. Let’s do some great work together and make one heck of a PB&J sammich in 2015.


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