Known throughout the country as the Home of American Golf, Pinehurst (and its surrounding communities, Southern Pines and Aberdeen) boasts 40 distinct golf courses in a 15-mile radius. Designed by some of the most renowned golf architects in the business, the courses offer challenges and exciting play for golfers of all skill levels and ages. Pinehurst has always maintained a loyal following among the game’s most passionate and polished players with its lush fairways and charming small-town appeal. From historical treasures to fine dining and shopping, Pinehurst’s appeal rests with more than just legendary golf.

The Challenge

Though the 40 courses that make up Pinehurst’s world-famous reputation still hold a powerful allure, their CVB knew it was important to stay in touch with both the old and new guard of golf lovers. In an effort to appeal to both older generations and the upcoming wave of new millennial-aged golfers, we helped craft a robust print and digital campaign.

Our work campaign would strive to lure returning golfers back to the Home of American Golf as well as entice a younger audience to discover that legacy for the first time. Lucky for us, it’s not hard to reinvigorate a brand promise that has captivated generations of golfers.

The Campaigns

How do you convey the singular focus and dedication to golf that Pinehurst exudes? How do you make it clear that the city and its residents eat, sleep and breathe the game? First, you have to make sure you’re keeping the Pinehurst brand’s key value propositions foremost in the viewer’s mind.

Our first campaign execution, Golf In Mind, does just that. Using double exposure techniques, this series combines close-up portraits of golfers with striking images of the area’s courses inside their silhouette. It’s a visual cue that makes their value proposition perfectly clear: Pinehurst is golf.

These standout images needed bold headlines to match, which is why they’re paired with resolute words like legendary and inspiring. The taglines “Golf here is legendary” and “Golf here is inspiring” evolved out of a lengthy dive into the world of Pinehurst golf, working to identify just what made their courses stand out from the pack.

Simply put, the reputation of Pinehurst’s golf community is legendary, drawing in players from around the world. It’s inspiring, pushing professionals and amateurs alike to rise to the occasion and play their best. When you’re lucky enough to have nurtured a reputation like Pinehurst’s, it’s crucial that you don’t overcomplicate the message or clutter the basic facts of its appeal and success.

In addition to the more emotionally-driven Golf In Mind campaign, we also wanted to highlight the fact the Pinehurst is home to 40 golf courses in just a 15-mile radius—an almost uncanny statistic to comprehend. Unlike more common one-off golf destinations, Pinehurst gives golfers a stunning array of courses to test their mettle, allowing for an unparalleled diversity of challenges and rewarding games.

We put the number 40 front and center for this campaign, letting it do most of the talking. When you’ve got an asset like that at your disposal, you want to make sure it’s front and center.

The Execution

Once the campaign’s collateral was ready to tee off, it was time to decide just how and where these ads would be seen. Combining traditional print avenues with a digitally-focused campaign allowed the assets to reach both ends of the target spectrum: older, established golfers and their millennial-aged counterparts.

In addition to hitting high-traffic destinations for golfers across the internet, ads for this campaign appeared in national publications such as Southern Living, Golf Digest and AARP Magazine, as well as more regionally-focused outlets such as Our State Magazine (NC), VA Golfer and Washingtonian Magazine.

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