I regularly read Mashable for social media news & trends and came across an interesting Infographic about what social media tells us about American society. Since I often have a hard time figuring out my fellow Americans, I thought that maybe this information could help enlighten me.

We all know that Americans are obsessed with social media, even though I really don’t get the fixation. Nevertheless, there were some interesting facts stated – did you know that 48% of all bloggers and close to 50% of LinkedIn’s users are based in the United States? And something I truly don’t understand, the five most followed Twitter accounts are Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, President Obama, Katy Perry and Brittney Spears. Why? Oh, and it looks like North Dakota and New Jersey are among the most social states. Huh?

Even though I’m now more confused than ever, check out the data yourself and see if it helps you gain any insights into our American culture. You can find it here.

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