Football is back! So many fans are jumping out of their seats with excitement as the first games kickoff the season this month. But it isn’t just about the game on the field anymore. These days, each fan can have a stake in the game. That’s right, it’s also Fantasy Football season.

The most popular version of the online fantasy sports games, Fantasy Football has become big business. It is now a multi-billion dollar industry. More than simply being a competition, it allows sports fans to build their own teams, controlling the action and the outcome directly. They do research, watch the scores, and compare the weekly matchups – all in the hopes of getting their team the win.

It’s not unlike our process of developing a project, brand, or campaign. The Bouvier Kelly team works collectively to create the best outcome for our clients. The stars of the development process, however, are our clients themselves. We strongly believe that the best way to communicate a client’s voice is to communicate with the client, allow them to be a part of crafting their message.

We’re a bunch of dreamers, thinkers, and doers. But we know that we’re not the only ones. Why leave your clients on the sideline when they can have some great ideas just waiting to get your team the win? The goal of the agency and the client is the same – an effective, concise result. We want to utilize all the strengths we can to achieve that goal. That means allowing everyone to be in the game.

A further consideration when creating your team, whether in fantasy or reality is all of the resources available to you. In fantasy sports, they’re called free agents. But free agents in reality can be anyone or anything. It’s important to maintain every contact or resource you come into contact with. Reaching out to new businesses, building contacts through online sites like LinkedIn, or refreshing a relationship with a former business acquaintance, no stone is too small to overturn for your clients.

Everyone we work with can potentially become an extension of our network of resources for our projects – current and future. We want big, bold ideas, data and gut to guide what we do. So we want to research and utilize any idea that will lead us to the best final product for our clients. We’ve been doing this for 41 years now, so we’re happy to report that we have a lot of experience digging up the best ideas in ourselves, in our clients and from unexpected places.

In football, the results on the field are important, but it’s what happens off the field that helps you achieve them. This season is just getting started, and in these first weeks the rosters are still being figured out with each new game. Maybe you have a project you want to get started and need help figuring out how to get your best ideas out there. Draft us to be on your team and we’ll help you build the best roster of people, ideas and resources to make your goals become a reality.


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