Bouvier Kelly, one of the Triad’s leading marketing and digital outreach agencies, has won the 2013 Bulldog Digital Social Award. The award is presented by Bulldog Reporter and honors communications campaigns that exemplify the ability to achieve extraordinary visibility and influence opinion, as well as, creativity, command of media and technology, and tenacity.

Among hundreds of entries, Bouvier Kelly received the award for creation and execution of the “Get Back Up” campaign for Swedish orthotic manufacturer’s, Allard USA. The message encouraged people to address mobility issues due to foot paralysis, or foot drop. At the heart of the campaign, runner Beth Deloria criss-crossed the country and completed 48 races in 24 months, despite foot drop. The robust social media campaign elevated the message by giving Beth the opportunity to connect one-on-one with other sufferers throughout her entire journey.

The campaign has increased awareness and education of foot drop and Allard’s state-of-the-art ToeOFF® brace for the treatment of foot drop among patients, their families and the medical professionals who treat foot drop, and Beth Deloria has become known as a national marathoner and foot drop advocate. Visit Allard USA’s social media pages at:


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