If a photo is worth 1,000 words, then a video must be worth near 1 million. In sometimes as little as 15 seconds, a video can do the work of an entire blog post or white paper. It can explain the unexplainable or bring life to what you might’ve thought was a drab concept or product. Our Digital Media Art Director Matt Smith compiled some of his favorite BKI-produced video work from the last year or so. We hope you enjoy these pieces of video magic as much as we do. 

Neese’s, “Make It With Liver Pudding” (TV Spot)


If you’re from the South, Neese’s Sausage more than likely conjures up fond memories of the breakfast table, with sizzling pieces of sausage providing much-needed sustenance and comfort. It’s a heritage brand in the truest sense, having celebrated their 100th year in business in 2017. And while fresh, local sausage isn’t a hard sell for most people, one of their more under-the-radar treasures might be: Liver Pudding.

However, as our video demonstrates, this traditional Southern delicacy is far more versatile than the naysayers might have you believe. At a time when social media and smartphones have turned everyone into a restaurant critic or blogger, we took pains to showcase just how delicious Neese’s Liver Pudding could present (and taste).

Aerialite, “Pride In Craftsmanship” (Web Video)


Since the rise of social media—and Instagram in particular—the world has seen a renewed focus on “craft” culture. And while some of it teeters on the edge of becoming a Portlandia sketch, it’s also shined a light on the handiwork that often went unnoticed in industries across the world. From craft brewing to hyper-local restaurant dishes, social media has given us a behind-the-scenes pass to hang out with the people who still rely on their hands and a set of tools to create.

Enter Aerialite, easily the strongest, most reliable fiberglass made for the shaping of surfboards available. Referred to by its users as “surfglass,” it’s essential to a strong, agile surfboard. When it came to refresh the Aerialite brand, we knew that we had to get down and dirty with the craftsmen who relied on Aerialite to produce their works of art. We spoke with industry veterans and young guns alike, finding out just how Aerialite’s particular surfglass went the extra mile for shapers all over the world. And yea, maybe we drank a few beers on the beach in the process — when in Rome, right?

High Point Police Department, “A Higher Standard” (Web Video)


It might be an understatement to say that the national mood surrounding policing has become tense over the last 5 years or so. And while that might not be true for every community, the relationship between police departments and the communities they serve has dominated our nightly news cycles. For the High Point Police Department, this had begun to translate into a decline in the number of new, qualified recruits with each passing year. They knew that traditional tactics like job fairs and posters at the gym would no longer cut it — their efforts had to go digital.

For our 2018 campaign, we filmed and edited a series of videos focused on the community-based aspects of the department’s core mission. Rather than utilizing the common action-packed, door-kicking visuals of many national police recruiting efforts, we took a softer, more emotional approach that used the officers and their stories to attract new recruits.

Focusing on the qualities, abilities and skills that are required to be a police office for High Point, these videos share personal stories and testimonials of officers and how they are held to “A Higher Standard for High Point.”

Dan River ST8 Crossings (TV Commercial)


In 2014, the Dan River became the subject of intense focus and scrutiny across the country for a tragic coal ash spill that dumped toxic chemicals into a pristine natural resource. But when the cleanup crews had finished their work and the natural splendor of the river returned, there was still a lingering perception that the mighty Dan was unfit for swimming, kayaking or anything else.

Working in tandem with the 8 counties of both North Carolina and Virginia that touch the Dan River as it winds between states, we helped launch the Dan River ST8 Crossings: a tourism and economic development campaign designed to show just how much natural beauty persisted in this amazing area. Anchored by a new website, marketing collateral and a robust social media presence, the Dan River ST8 Crossings project also included an in-depth look at this region through the eyes of our camera, working to bring tourists and adventure seekers alike back to this goldmine of natural beauty.

Downtown Burlington, “Get In” (Web Overview Video)


Downtowns across America have seen a surge in interest and investment over the last decade or so. As younger generations began to move back into more urban environments and empty-nesters wanted to enjoy their share of the excitement, the once-deserted store fronts and streets started springing to life—and downtown Burlington, NC, was no exception.

Located just a short drive from our offices in Greensboro, the locally-owned stores and shops of downtown Burlington offers an unlimited supply of energy and enthusiasm. There was an electricity in the air when we spoke to people, all invested in making their community the best it could be. From skateboarders to coffee shop owners to antique dealers and craft-beer lovers, we were amazed at just how many different walks of life came together to enjoy their little piece of urban nirvana.

SuiteIQ (Explainer Video)


Not every video can show off a hands-on product or a eye-catching scene from a natural landscape. Sometimes, video has do the heavy lifting of explaining how something intangible like software can make our lives easier. When that’s the case, it takes a bit of imagination and a little help from animation to get the story across.

SuiteIQ is an all-in-one platform that helps Habitat for Humanity affiliates manage every aspect of their organization—from volunteer scheduling to shipment to donation tracking. Using a blend of on-location filming and engaging animated visuals, we were able to demonstrate their digital concept in a more tangible way. The result communicates just how SuiteIQ was uniquely designed to alleviate the specific challenges faced by Habitat employees without getting weighed down the particular ins and outs of a robust software program.

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