For our August tasting, Sam enlisted the help of Greensboro’s newest brewery, Pig Pounder Brewery.

Despite the seemingly questionable nature of the name, Pig Pounder is actually a reference to a popular brew the founders had created early in their beer-making careers. Alex, the bar manager, set us up with a sampling of their full range of UK style ales. Everyone seemed to have a different favorite, but the “Mild Mud” was a definite standout. A flavorful session ale worth checking out for sure. The “Extra Special Pig” was their best seller, and it was easy to understand why.

We were treated to a full tour of the facility and learned some interesting tidbits about brewing. It was insightful to see how important water is to the process. Makes sense if you think about it; how can you make a decent brew if you start with water that’s already full of impurities? An interesting factoid: Pig Pounder conditions their water to match the mineral content of local UK water sources. Whoa.

If you get the chance, stop by their Grecade St. location and check it out. Tell ‘em Bouvier Kelly sent ‘cha!


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