Our work with Beth Deloria, outreach manager with AllardUSA, has been nothing short of rewarding and inspirational. The Providence Journal shares a wonderful write-up about Beth’s Journey following Liz Summers’, Bouvier Kelly PR Staff, hard work at helping to spread the ‘Get Back Up Today’ campaign message.
“Providence Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon draws inspiration entry
September 26, 2013 07:56 PM
When Beth Deloria and her husband, Jim Austin, head to the starting line for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Providence Half Marathon on Sunday morning, they plan to meet with about a dozen other runners — Rock n’ Roll Gypsies, Austin has nicknamed them — they have befriended while competing in different events around the country.
As she traverses the 13.1-mile route through Providence, Deloria plans to snap some pictures and soak up all of the positive vibes that come with a spirited road race.
She won’t be worried about how long it takes her to finish the race, although Deloria knows that other runners around her will come away disappointed that perhaps they didn’t clock their best time that day.”

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