Our barbecue blind taste test selections included chopped pork, hushpuppies and barbecue slaw from Country Barbecue (Lexington style), barbecue chicken wings and hushpuppies from Smithfield’s Chicken ‘N Bar-B-Q (Eastern style), and just to throw people off, some Chili’s baby back ribs. And to get in the spirit, a little quiz to test everyone’s Southern-ness. Let’s see if you’ve got what it takes to proclaim yourself a BBQ aficionado:

(Select and highlight the space between the sideways carrots with your mouse to reveal the correct answer)

Question 1: Where is Texas Pete hot sauce made?
A) Round Rock, TX
B) Winston-Salem, NC
C) Chattanooga, TN
D) Dallas, TX
Answer: > B <
Question 2: Which Southern state is know for their mayonnaise-based “white” BBQ sauce?
A) Tennessee
B) North Carolina
C) Alabama
D) South Carolina
Answer: > C <
Question 3: What percentage of Americans own a grill?
A) 75%
B) 98%
C) 57%
D) 82%
Answer: > D <
Question 4: When is National Barbecue Month?
A) May
B) June
C) July
D) August
Answer: > A <
Question 5: Which region considers pork the official and only meat worthy of the word barbecue?
A) Midwest
B) Southwest
C) The Carolinas
D) The Dakotas
Answer: > C <
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