Fundamentally, there is a lot more that’s similar between B2B and B2C marketing than is different. But the deeper you dig, the more distinct differences you’ll find that you need to account for in your strategy. We put together this infographic with the basics broken down.

A preview of the infographic you can download

B2C vs B2B

Shared Marketing Fundamentals

  • Know the target market – what motivates them
  • Position and price product to be competitive in the marketplace
  • Communicate product attributes to demonstrate value and demand


B2C Consumer Advertising Fundamentals

  • Emotional Connection
  • Create Demand
  • Induce Action/Impulse

B2C Buyers

  • Look for brand values that align with their own
  • Want a connection to something larger than themselves (community)
  • Need validation that they make smart choices
  • Use brands to define how others view them

You Must

  • Understand your buyer’s journey
  • Make brand promise and culture a part of user experience
  • Have products and services that deliver on the emotional connection to the brand
  • Be where your customers are


B2B Trade Advertising Fundamentals

  • Factual/Informational
  • Motivate/Inspire
  • Calculated Decision

B2B Buyers

  • Have a responsibility to make the right decisions
  • Take less risks
  • Need quality to be absolutely right
  • Believe they have the ability to cut-thru the bull

You Must

  • Raise your game
  • Clearly understand their needs
  • Ensure that your products exceed their requirements
  • Let them know


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