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Ashley Scarborough

Art Director

For most people, the enjoyment we get out of a cold soft drink comes from what’s inside—but not for Ashley. Starting at an early age, her fascination with vintage Coke and Pepsi bottles lead her to pursue a career in graphic design and art direction. She represents a new generation of designers that began their career alongside the rise of the digital era. That means she’s keenly aware of how a brand’s image can be interpreted across a wide spectrum of applications.


  • When she’s not cranking away in InDesign, you can find Ashley and her handsome doggo Aspen exploring the great outdoors.
  • She’s sadly forced to cram New Year’s resolutions and birthday wishes into a single day (she was born on January 1st).

Meet Our Team

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Pete Parsells

President & CEO

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Suzanne Neal

Executive Vice President

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Phillip Yeary

Vice President & Creative Director

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Lindsay Masi

PR Manager

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Samantha Hudson

Account Manager

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Izzie Keim

Account Coordinator

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Lesley Thompson

Integrated Media Director

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Sam Logan

Digital Strategist

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Evelyn Cook

Art Director

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Matt Smith

Digital Media Art Director

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Ashley Scarborough

Art Director

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Rhyan Kime

Production/Traffic Manager

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Patrick Kelley


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Ronda Peoples

Office Manager

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Denny Kelly


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Lou Bouvier


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