A recent study by comScore revealed that only 6% of mobile subscribers use QR codes. With NFC technology on the horizon has QR Code’s boat sailed?

NFC or Near Field Communication is the technology that allows for wireless short range communication between two devices.

I believe that NFC will push QR codes out of the market because consumers drive advances, not products, services or marketing. NFC has greater flexibility; more uses and meets needs and desires of consumers.

Why is NFC so much better that QR codes? Not only does NFC allow for point of sale, and couponing like QR codes, but it also allows for electronic money, ticketing and boarding passes, file sharing, and identification. The possibilities seem limitless.

As marketers, we know that is all about WIFM. QR Codes deliver more for the advertiser than it does for the consumer. NFC performs functions that consumers want and is not limited to what advertisers want to offer.

I must admit, QR codes never got me excited. However, bring on NFC!

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