Marketing Heroics
since 1974

As the marketing world has evolved, so has our agency. Where once there were teams of art directors and copywriters hashing out brand executions, now we have teams of strategists, directors, designers and developers who concept and implement marketing that gets measurable, goal-driven results. But we’ve always surrounded ourselves with talented, resourceful, open-minded individuals who inspire and challenge one another and our clients. 45 years later, that seems like a winning strategy to us.

Suzanne Neal

President & CEO

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Whether it’s crushing a game of Solitaire in under 60 seconds or running the agency as our Executive Vice President, Suzanne is all about maximizing performance. She keeps our ship running tight, never sacrificing quality or integrity—even in the roughest of seas.

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Phillip Yeary

Vice President & Chief Creative Officer

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If Phillip had a personal tagline, it might be “What if…” His ability to approach every project with fresh, open eyes and unlimited possibilities is what helps push our Creative Department to always find a better, brighter way to communicate the incommunicable.

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Logan Garrett

Senior Communications Manager

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Given the amalgamated nature of the current media landscape, it’s important for communicators to have a comprehensive understanding of all sides of media. Logan’s experience in journalism, public relations and social media channels provides him with the skills and knowledge to tackle any project that comes his way.

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Rhyan Kime

Account Manager

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Rhyan can wear many hats better than some people can wear one. Skilled and experienced in graphic design, she is a proficient art director, working a variety of accounts for Bouvier Kelly. She also deftly handles the critical position of traffic manager by attending press checks, assembling quotes, negotiating with the creative department, looking after account executives, organizing schedules and overseeing production. You might think she has more than enough hats to wear but nope. She’s also an accomplished painter, cook, and mother.

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Jordan Brown

Account Manager

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Every marketing endeavor requires drive and passion, which is something Jordan has in spades. His love for the industry is a component to every relationship he makes in the business.

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Lesley Thompson

Integrated Media Director

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The next time you field another cold call from an eager sales person, just think of how much easier your life would be with Lesley on your team. Her no-holds-barred approach to media planning and buying is unparalleled, with an uncanny ability to make sure her clients always come out on top.

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Matt Smith

Associate Creative Director – Digital
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They say the Force is strong with this one—whether he’s weaving storylines to create cinematic videos or building another cutting-edge website from the ground up. You’ll rarely find Matt without a smile on his face, and you’ll never find yourself short of floored by his work.

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Evelyn Cook

Senior Art Director

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If Evelyn were a font, she would no doubt be a classic, yet modern sans serif: enough universal appeal to excel in any situation with enough individuality to stand out from the crowd. And when she’s not blowing our minds with another elegant design, she’s driving our taste buds crazy with home-cooked sweets.

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Patrick Kelley

Art Director
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As the first participant in our Creative Catapult marketing apprenticeship program, Patrick Kelley adds another set of creative eyes to our team. His academic background in Graphic Design and eagerness to learn will prove a valuable asset on all our projects. But it might be his Wisconsin roots that bring us the most joy: he’s already brought in one amazing cheese-and-cracker spread for the office. What’s next on the tasting menu, Patrick?

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Jillian Doherty

Graphic Designer

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Jillian’s approach to design is more than aesthetics. It’s about problem-solving and communication. At home, inspiration comes from unusual perspectives while taking care of chickens and pumpkin patches. She’s also quite the nerd when it comes to movies and video games, so if you get into conversation with her about an obscure release, chances are she’s already got an opinion about it.

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Michelle Anderson


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Every bookkeeper needs accounting experience, multi-tasking skills, and a strong attention to detail. Michelle possesses all of those traits, but her work ethic and bubbly personality separate her from the rest. Michelle’s combination of friendliness and financial expertise proves that accounting can be just as fun as it is complex.

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Pete Parsells

Board Member

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Who would’ve thought a dyed-in-the-wool Yankees fan who cut his teeth in some of biggest agencies in New York City would ever come to embrace life in the South? Pete’s been working for Bouvier Kelly since 1989 (and became part of the leadership team 10 years later), and though his pace of life may have slowed, he’s never lost his passion for his clients or the people who make the agency hum.

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Lou Bouvier


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Inside Lou’s office is an 11 x 17 inch frame showcasing a business card from every place the man has ever worked. It’s evidence that he’s a veteran of the industry — not that any of us need to be reminded. While he’s certainly done a little bit of everything, Lou made a life-changing decision early in his career: he turned down the opportunity to migrate to a larger market and chose instead to stay here to start an agency of his own. That was in 1974. Since then, he’s assumed the role of Chairman of the firm he made into one of the Triad’s premier agencies. Lou also serves on the board for the Guilford Battleground Company, the non profit support group for Guilford Courthouse National Military Park.

Denny Kelly


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Denny first walked in the door in the agency’s fifth year. From that time she’s held the title of Production Coordinator, Traffic Director, Media Director, Account Executive, President and CEO, and today, Chairwoman. Throughout her career Denny has focused on balancing the perception versus the reality of a brand. Her goal with any client business is to find the truth about the brand that a consumer can relate to. The kind of thinking that can change behavior and the bottom line. Denny’s involvement in civic and volunteer positions is as impressive as her extensive business career.

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