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Back in 1974, our agency was founded to do two things: help our clients succeed at any and every level; and have a little fun in this crazy, mixed-up world called advertising. Over the years, we’ve developed a really simple modus operandi: Data + Gut. Every decision we make is influenced by this mindset, a combination of analysis and intuition. Sometimes we lean a little more heavily on facts and studies; sometimes we rely on instinct and emotion to show us the way. But one thing’s for sure: you can’t have one without the other. It’s that balance which keeps our work grounded and our ambitions limitless. It also informs the way we strive to assemble talented, resourceful, and open-minded individuals who aren’t afraid to challenge and inspire one another for the good of both the agency and our clients.
Meet Our Team
Profile picture of Pete Parsells

Pete Parsells

President & CEO
Profile picture of Suzanne Neal

Suzanne Neal

Executive Vice President
Profile picture of Phillip Yeary

Phillip Yeary

Vice President & Creative Director
Profile picture of Lindsay Masi

Lindsay Masi

PR Manager

Profile picture of Samantha Hudson

Samantha Hudson

Account Manager
Profile picture of Rhyan Kime

Rhyan Kime

Account Manager

Profile picture of Lesley Thompson

Lesley Thompson

Integrated Media Director
Profile picture of Sam Logan

Sam Logan

Digital & Content Strategist
Profile picture of Evelyn Cook

Evelyn Cook

Art Director
Profile picture of Matt Smith

Matt Smith

Digital Media Art Director
Profile picture of Matt Smith

Ashley Scarborough

Art Director
Profile picture of Rhyan Kime

Patrick Kelley

Graphic Designer

Profile picture of Rhyan Kime

Ronda Peoples

Office Manager

Profile picture of Denny Kelly

Denny Kelly


Profile picture of Lou Bouvier

Lou Bouvier


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