While I search out for my place in this world, I continue to lend my sunny disposition to Bouvier Kelly as intern and general ‘helper’. For weeks I’ve distributed my (dare I say-impressive) resume with no luck on securing that illusive life-changing career. So, I sit around here daily pondering the fundamental question of our firm and look to the internet for guidance as to how others perceive me.
What makes me different?
Just when I began to doubt I could find a significant enough answer to this quandary, I stumbled upon a new research. The Journal of Research in Personality published a study conducted by University of Kansas and Wellesley College which found that….. wait for it…. Strangers can tell certain personality traits from a gander at your shoes.

((Read Time Magazine’s article about this research HERE))

MY SHOES! This is where I’ve fallen short. I don’t belong to any shoe societies, I have no foot talk on my website, and I never completed a news package on my awesome collection of footwear. I haven’t even ‘Liked’ any shoe groups on facebook. This is why no future employer knows how competent an employee I am! Henceforth, I will be attaching a photo of my shoes to each emailed resume en-lieu of a cover letter. Heck, I may even start a daily shoe journal and link it to my profile on the dating website. I can’t believe that I have been holding myself back from success by not adequately showcasing the dressings of my lowest extremities. Never fear my legions of followers and friends, I will rectify this oversight immediately and I’m sure that very soon I will be catapulted into the success that my shoes deserve.

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