Public Relations Case Study


If you knew you had a life changing product that could significantly improve the lives of millions of people but awareness of the product was very low, what would you do? Launch one heck of a PR effort that’s what! And so began our relationship with Allard and their game changing ToeOFF® foot brace technology designed to help alleviate the struggle of millions suffering with the debilitating neurological condition known as foot drop. Beth Deloria, who suffers from the disorder, became the first Allard ambassador for this new technology and approached us to help bring it to the national spotlight.

The Challenge:

The goal was straightforward: national awareness. Because there are so many people who could use this technology to significantly improve their quality of life, the audience was there and waiting to discover something like ToeOFF. They were all similar to Beth Deloria, who was a marathon runner prior to a spinal chord injury that led to her diagnosis of foot drop. She spent years searching for a brace that would at least allow her to walk normally again. Every single one of the most commonly known braces designed to help foot drop sufferers proved painful and barely helped Beth walk, much less allow her to run marathons again. So with literally millions needing help like Beth, the PR effort would have to be thorough, expansive and focused.

The Campaign/Strategy:

Because ToeOFF is so life-changing, we knew there would be others like Beth that were able to resume their active lifestyles thanks to the brace. It was time to bring them together and create a grassroots movement to get the word out. “Get Back UP Today” was created as a rally cry of encouragement and hope, and from that came Team UP, founded by Deloria as the only national team of people with foot drop. Within the first year there were 8 members, and now there are almost double that. Beth and Team UP have been featured in national media and spoken to thousands across the country. A large social media push across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and even Pinterest was developed alongside the PR movement to create a genuine, close community of people who could help inspire each other and help spread the word about Allard’s technology.

The Results

Across the country in markets both large and small, the Get Back UP Today campaign has made waves in helping bring the ToeOFF brace technology to those who need it most. Facebook now has a following of 32,917 followers (and counting) and Twitter has helped solidify national media connections that will work to serve the campaign for years to come. The website has helped to unify the community even more by coordinating events, publishing inspiring stories from fellow users of ToeOFF braces and creating a national awareness of foot drop.


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